Reading Spots is a literacy project led by youth and teacher volunteers in the UK and in Ghana to support the creation of community libraries in Ghana.

Reading Spots Annual Fundraising Dinner with Tom Ilube

11th January 2018

On Saturday 24th February, we have our third annual fundraising dinner in the Brighton College dining room, with pre-dinner drinks in the Simon Smith Café from 7pm. …

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Reading Spots - An Overview

What does Reading Spots do?

Through establishing partnerships with UK schools we aim to improve the very limited access to books to improve educational opportunities and literacy in remote areas of Ghana. Reading Spots allow educational resources to be provided that all schools in the community can share, and we hope to specifically provide as much African fiction and non-fiction as possible.

The 'Spots' are managed by Ghanaians and are totally self-sufficient after their creation. The charity is run entirely by volunteers, and all funds raised go directly towards the projects. UNICEF reports that only 1% of Ghanaian children have more than 10 books in their home and 31% of Ghanaian adults are illiterate, with figures far higher figures in rural areas. Fundamentally, we know lots of individuals in Ghanaian communities who are very keen to read.

We also intend to offer various free resources for global citizenship, international partnerships, philosophy, ethics and reading more widely through our Education Centre. We hope to encourage children in their desire to make a change in the world, and hope to help them to reflect critically on social injustice and possible courses of action.